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Time and date of the last measured data (CET): 2023.09.21 01:59
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SignalAM/DRMMHzProgram's name;site;kW
ADRM3.965Radio France International
BDRM11.800Radio Romania International
CDRM11.740Radio Romania International
DDRM11.960Radio Romania International
EDRM11.620Radio Romania International
FDRM3.955BBC World Service
GDRM3.965Radio France International
HDRM15.110Radio Kuwait
IDRM3.965Radio France International
JDRM15.110Radio Kuwait
KDRM3.965Radio France International
LDRM15.110Radio Kuwait
MDRM3.965Radio France International
SignalAM/DRMMHzProgram's name;site;kW
NDRM15.110Radio Kuwait
ODRM3.965Radio France International
QDRM13.660Radio Romania International
SDRM15.540Radio Kuwait
TDRM13.750Radio Romania International
UDRM5.910Radio Romania International
VDRM13.650Radio Kuwait
WDRM9.620All India Radio
XDRM15.540Radio Kuwait
YDRM13.650Radio Romania International
ZDRM3.965Radio France International